Welcome to The Tumaini Fund in Canada

The Tumaini Fund aims to bring support and hope for the future to the estimated 200,000 AIDS orphans in Kagera, the north-west region of Tanzania.

We are motivated by Jesus’ words: “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me”.

tumaini-image-2Some facts about Tumaini and Tanzania

Estimated AIDS orphans in Kagera: 200,000
Number helped by Tumaini at present: 25,000

Cost to give one child a new life: $25
(buys a ‘welcome pack’ including 2 sets of clothing; school uniform; books and pencils; mosquito nets)

Cost to sponsor one child: $2/week or $100/year
(includes food; clothing; school supplies; improved housing; community support)

Cost of one child’s secondary schooling: $100/year
Secondary school children supported by Tumaini: over 8,000

kagera-childrenOther essentials needed in Kagera include:

  • New boreholes to provide clean water
  • Good housing
  • Medical aid and AIDS drugs
  • Lighting in homes, so children can do their homework
  • Bicycles for transportation
  • Food assistance when crops fail

Tumaini is continually working to provide all these essentials

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