Tumaini Logo_April 2014_withborder_151x149Welcome to The Tumaini Fund in Canada

Tumaini” is Swahili for hope and the Tumaini Fund is bringing support and hope for the future to AIDS orphans and poor families in Kagera, the north-west region of Tanzania.

We are motivated by Jesus’ words: “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”

Infant mortality is 12% in Kagera, with 12 in every 100 infants born, dying before the age of 1, usually due to gastroenteritis

Some facts about Tumaini and Tanzania

???Estimated AIDS orphans in Kagera: 200,000
Number helped by Tumaini at present: 25,000 and soon to be 30,000
Number of Secondary Schools registered: 6,800

Cost to give one child a new life: $25
(buys a ‘welcome pack’ including 2 sets of clothing; school uniform; books and pencils; mosquito nets)

Cost to sponsor one child: $2/week or $100/year
(includes food; clothing; school supplies; improved housing; community support)

Cost of one child’s secondary schooling: $100/year

Other essentials that Tumaini is continually working to provide in Kagera include:

  • ???Boreholes to provide clean water and replace a filthy pond
  • Safe housing to replace homes of sticks and leaves
  • Medical aid and AIDS drugs and prevention
  • Solar lighting in homes to enable homework and income crafts after dark
  • Bicycles to reduce the long walk to school