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Sadly 8 children were killed and 43 injured by a grenade which had been found in the bush and which had been taken to school.  The children live in an area where Tumaini has been distributing grain due to drought and famine.  Tumaini staff have given blood for transfusions, but the hospital didn’t even have enough bed linen or bandages for all these casualties. These dear children aged 6-8 have no hope of immediate or medium-term support except from Tumaini.  Please help by making a donation, if you are able.  Thank you. 

Please help in the fight against poverty and starvation

             The Children are Dying

           (tune: Sweet Betsy from Pike)

Here in this world we’re white, yellow, or black

Could be born in a mansion or it could be a shack

We take life for granted and think it’s our right

To have full employment and to sleep well at night

But do we consider the rest of the folk

The ones who are desperate, hungry, or broke

The folks who are living away over there

In fact now I wonder if even we care

The babies are starving and many will die

While mothers and fathers just stand there and cry

To them this is hell, a land of torment

I am sure this is not what the Good Father meant

He gave us this earth to have and to share

Now what shall we do for the poor over there

Have we grown so complacent we just don’t know why

The parents are weeping as their children die

Words by Lloyd M. Rickard & daughter Sherry Ann Rickard

It is hoped that these words will touch your hearts!


Helping to change girls’ lives

Do you have time to cut out fabric, sew shields and liners, or pack Personal Care Kits? Come and join the Tumaini Crafters who meet on the third Wednesday every month from 1:30 to 4 pm at St. Mary’s Church hall at 2600 Powder Point Road in Nanoose Bay. There is always a need for dark-coloured flannel fabric if you have any needing to be put to good use. Click on the icon to read more about this project.




Inspiring Day with Alex from Kagera

The parishioners at St. Mary’s in Nanoose Bay heard first-hand about the difficulties of the very poor in Kagera and also how the Tumaini Fund is helping to save and improve lives. We cannot imagine having to stand on one spot until the rains stop before being able to put a mat down on a dirt floor to go to sleep!

Malaria and dirty water are killers! It’s very sad to learn that sick people stay at home waiting to die because they have no money to go the hospital or pay for medication.

In the afternoon at a tea served by the members of Tumani Fund Canada, Alex gave a presentation outlining the work of Tumaini to provide the essentials of food, clean water, clothing, shelter, education and health care.

Articles made for the orphans by Canadian Tumaini crafters were on display and there was a table of beautiful baskets for sale which had been woven by the widows in Kagera.


40-60% of the population (of about 2 million) is at risk with dwindling or no food supplies at this time. Between Chato and Biharamulo, all over Karagwe, in Bushubi the fields of dry, stunted dead corn mean no food for the children.

failed crops

Tumaini is responding, but needs much more help. Please pray for rain for the crops and pray for all those who are starving.

Financial donations sent to TUMAINI FUND CANADA                              2341 Balsam Crescent, Nanoose Bay, BC, V9P 9G2 will be sent to Kagera.

Thank you for thinking of the orphans and desperately poor families.


News from Kagera

Dr. Susan and friends of Tumaini are currently in Kagera visiting orphans and helping where they can. Essential items are being distributed and there is much joy when the help is received by the orphans and poor families.  Follow Dr. Susan on Twitter