Donate & Help

From its beginning in 2003, Tumaini has grown from a small charity as news spread of the good work being done in Tanzania and more supporters and  donors  have given generously and enabled Tumaini  to develop operations where so urgently needed.

Last census in 2013 confirmed that Tumaini was supporting 25,000 AIDS orphans and poor families.

A recent generous US donation will enable Tumaini to register a further 5,000 into our care.

The responsibility to support 30,000 orphans requires Tumaini to raise an estimated C$1.5 million in 2015…a daunting task for which we need your help.

We welcome support from individuals or organizations.  No donation is too small and most importantly Tumaini Fund Canada has a mandate that 100% of your donation will actually go the children and their care.  Nothing will be deducted for overhead, as our minimal administration costs are paid for separately with specific fundraisers or donations for overhead.  All Volunteers donate their time and materials.

Single Donations

See what a difference you can make with a single donation

  • $25 registers a new orphan and provides clothing, a school uniform, books and pencils, a mosquito net and allows the orphan to attend Primary School.
  • $100 sponsor a child sponsorship for 1 year
  • $20 buys a solar lamp to light a home at night and enable homework and crafts for family income.
  • $100 buys a bicycle for a student to reduce the long walk to and from school each day.
  • $100 helps with annual Education cost for a Secondary School student.
  • $250 buys a breeding milking goat and its shelter.
  • $2000 builds a new house for a family living in a hovel made of branches and leaves.
  • $5,000 digs a new well to provide clean water to a village           

Donate to, or Partner with us, in one of our Tanzanian Projects

We welcome support from Rotary, Corporations or Trusts.  If you wish to underwrite the costs of a particular initiative, please contact us at to discuss how you can help.

Tumaini Corporate sponsors receive feedback as to how their generosity has made a real difference and brings great satisfaction to the corporation for being involved with this work.

Current support sought:

  • Tumaini needs new vehicles and motor bikes for servicing our offices and the remote parishes and villages.
  • Funding for a second Canadian container to bring urgently needed donated goods from Canada to Kagera.


We have joined with CanadaHelps where donations can be made to Tumaini Fund Canada using a credit card or PayPal. They remit to Tumaini any funds received through donations or event sponsorship, deducting a small percent for their overhead and financial costs.