Tumaini in Canada

In 2010, Tumaini was introduced to Canada at St. Mary’s Anglican Church in the community of Nanoose Bay on Vancouver Island. Dr. Susan Wilson traveled to Canada to talk personally about her charity and explain its work, its needs and hopes for the future.

Regular group sessions of volunteers began meeting in St. Mary’s church hall to make much needed items for the AIDS orphans.

CraftersNow meeting on the third Wednesday of each month , these volunteers, from sister churches in Nanaimo, Parksville, Lantzville and the local community, enjoy the social interaction and know they are helping those so desperately in need in Kagera.

In 2013, Tumaini Fund Canada (with the pro-bono assistance of Vancouver lawyers Blakes, Cassels & Graydon LLP) received approval as a registered Canadian charity (Charity Reg.No. 84352 7938 RR0001).


In 2014, Tumaini Fun Canada
was delighted to receive the gift from ICROSS Canada of a 40′ container and transportation costs to Kagera. With the contents and loading from Compassionate Resource Warehouse in Victoria, this huge container was packed with a precious cargo of urgently needed supplies. After a long sea voyage from Canada, the vessel docked in Dar es Salaam. Following customs clearance and a difficult overland journey by truck, it finally arrived in Muleba. The container was welcomed with joy by the Tumaini staff and local hospitals, schools and communities who shared in the wonderful donations that were unloaded, including hospital equipment, school supplies, clothing, medical equipment, tools and toys for the children. The container was moved to a permanent site and will provide urgently needed storage for Tumaini. Click HERE

Since 2014. periodic wire transfers of donated funds have been made from Canada to Kagera. All funds are spent by Tumaini staff in Kagera in accordance with our charitable status: either as designated by donors or with undesignated funds assigned to where the financial need is greatest such as Secondary School fees.

Tumaini Crafters and Friends now encompasses all the Canadian volunteers who work to make the beautiful clothing, blankets and personal care kits so needed and appreciated by our Tumaini orphans and families.

Word has spread of Tumaini and Canada’s involvement and many volunteers work at home in Prince Edward Island, Montreal, Ottawa, Brockville and Gibson, Courtney and Victoria.

New Chapter: Thanks to the dedicated leadership of Grace Tanaka, a chapter of Tumaini Fund Canada was established under the sponsorship of Holy Trinity Church in Vancouver, where volunteers meet regularly to knit sweaters, blankets, tuques and Izzy dolls for the children.

Dr. Susan Wilson visits Canada periodically to provide Tumaini Crafters and Friends news of how Tumaini is changing lives in Kagera and the new initiatives and plans for the future.

Dr. Wilson visits Kagera annually and she is so welcomed by the Tumaini teams in Kagera, eager to show the progress that is being made, and anxious to show the still desperate need for help by so many orphans and poor families.

In her own words: “The work is inspired by Jesus… we are 100% convinced that he is willing this work forward and has enabled all that has been achieved so far.” 

canada_4Personal Care Kits (courtesy of DaysforGirls organization) have been a recent and vital addition to the Crafters work. These washable kits are urgently needed by our women and girls who lose many days of school each month without any sanitary protection. Introduced to Tumaini in Canada, work on making these kits has expanded to Guernsey, UK, USA, Norway and Ireland. Progress is also being made in Kagera to begin making these kits locally in Tumaini Vocational workshops, with locally sourced materials.. School girls receiving these kits are so delighted and grateful to be able to attend school full time.

Child Sponsorship Our Canadian list of sponsors is growing as we learn how we can help Tumaini give orphans a new life and hope for the future and undertake the support of a child or family of children.

Sponsorship costs $100 per year (or $2 per week) for each child. This enables Tumaini to provide all their needs for shelter, food, clothing and education. Sponsors receive a photograph and information about the child/children and will know that 100% of their sponsorship donation will be sent to the child in Tanzania.

We welcome new sponsors to share in this ongoing commitment to support our Tumaini orphans.

Fundraising Activities 

2014 was a busy and successful year, and some of the highlights are shown in our 2014 ANNUAL REVIEW Dec2014  Click HERE for the review.

canada_52015 and 2016 events include popular summertime Strawberry Teas and has increased the amount of funds raised.

canada_6Bottle Drives have been held every few months with the assistance of Parksville Bottle Depot, and often include White Elephant tables, plant and bake sales.

Bottle driveBirthday Box At each Sunday morning service at St. Mary’s Church in Nanoose Bay, a box circulates the congregation to collect small change to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or special events of parishioners: funds collected are for outreach programmes and Tumaini Fund Canada is so grateful to share in these donations.

Other Canadian initiatives: 

Rotary Tumaini Fund Canada has been introduced to Lantzville Rotary and is exploring involvement on potential international Rotary projects in cooperation with Naples, Florida Rotary.

Water Tumaini has been working with CAWST Calgary for future BioSand Filter projects.

WFCF World Forgotten Children’s Foundation Recent contact has been made with a board member of this charity, with the potential to offer help to orphans in Kagera with physical impairments.

Container With the recent donation of a 20′ container, Tumaini Fund Canada is now seeking donations and raising funds for the costs of shipping this container from Canada to Kagera.

With the assistance of Compassionate Resource Warehouse in Victoria, the container will be packed with items urgently needed in Kagera including donated hospital equipment and medical supplies, school supplies, tools, clothing and toys for the children,

It will also ship the Personal Care Kits, clothing, blankets and Izzy dolls made by Tumaini Crafters and Friends which will be so welcomed by our orphans and poor families..

Getting Involved 

We are a small charity and really appreciate any help that you can offer. Some suggestions:

Sponsor: A child or family,

Donate : for secondary school fees, a house, bicycle, solar lamp, goat or a well.

General Donations will be used where most urgently needed.

Volunteer: at Bottle Drives and fundraising events

Prayer: Please pray for the children of Kagera and the work of the Tumaini Fund.

Share Ideas: We are grateful for your inspiration and enthusiasm and welcome you to join the team.